Bert JW Regeer (畢傑龍)

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver, also known as the Naked Chef is a well known british chef that has done several different TV programs as well as written some excellent cookbooks. He was able to start a revolution in his home country to get the school menu changed so that kids are eating healthier food, and thus grow up to be healthier kids.

He has taken this message to Huntington, West Virginia where he was met with resistance and close minded people who did not want to make a change because of how it had been done for years. Jamie kept going even with the amount of resistance, he persevered and after just two episodes of his new TV show "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" available on Hulu (watch the episodes).

He was also recently awarded a TED prize wish, to teach every child about food, where he discusses some of the things he encountered in his first episode of the TV show.

Jamie has a petition available on his website, and I urge you to go sign it to show support for not just a healthier United States, but World in general. Teaching people how to cook for themselves is an absolute must, having people learn how to take care of themselves, what goes into their food, and what goes into their bodies.

I'll be the first to admit that I am not the healthiest person, and yes the first two episodes of the show hit close to home, I don't always eat the healthiest food I can find, especially since I don't always like cooking for myself, and fast food is so much, faster and easier.

My wish is for Jamie to succeed in helping change the way the United States looks at food and what is acceptable for people to put into their bodies. Getting rid of even 10% of all processed food will make the United States a healthier place to live and eat, and will lower healthcare costs in the long run as less people will need medicine and medical procedures to help them stay alive because of the amount of grease in their arteries.

Once again, I urge you to please go sign the petition, watch the TED prize wish, and watch the TV show. And if you too, are in the same boat I am in, start making a positive change in your life.

NetBeans why do you disable Save?

I've started programming in PHP again for a new project I've taken up, and I've found that NetBeans upon noticing that the file has already been saved will disable the Save function. This is also disables the ?+S to save the file, which means when I am sitting there thinking, and I mindlessly tap the key-combo it makes my computer "ding" which is the default system beep sound.

It is my hope that eventually they fix it and just leave the save function enabled and if the file doesn't need saving they don't save it. That way my I don't have to listen to "ding" thereby breaking my concentration.

IE 6 and 7

I made a quick and simple decision which has already helped lift a weight off my shoulders. I have decided from this day on forward I will refuse to make my websites look and function right in IE 6 and IE 7. Dean Edwards has created a JavaScript that will attempt to fix IE 6 as much as humanly possible, forcing it to render everything correctly. It used to be known as IE 7, but he has recently released his latest version IE9.js which attempts to fix even some flaws that IE 8 has, while I am not yet ready to drop support for IE 8, I have enabled the latest and greatest version of this JavaScript so on any IE less than 9 the JavaScript will run.

To see everything that IE9.js supports visit the IE7.js Test Pages list and take your pick. The work that Dean has done is absolutely amazing and I am very happy that because of him I don't really have to worry about my websites in older versions of non-standards compliant browsers.

Even Microsoft sent flowers to the fake IE6 funeral with a note saying that we should stay tuned till this years upcoming MIX conference. I hope they say they are support HTML 5 and CSS 3 as that would be simply amazing. Maybe, just maybe they are switching from the old Trident based rendering engine to something more modern.

While I may dislike IE 6 and 7, I won't yet go so far as to put up a message just yet stating that people should get a better browser, I am removing a lot of stress and work in that I no longer have to support the old ageing browser.