Bert JW Regeer (畢傑龍)

2010 -- Where is HAL to tell me that it can't do this?

The absence, or rather outdated blog posts on this blog have a myriad of different reasons for existing, and while I feel guilty for not having updated nearly as often as I believe I should have it was with good reason.

2009 was my year. It was the year that I completed an awesome internship courtesy AEC Consultants, and it was also the year that I completed my last two semesters (I took a break over the summer, my first break in eight semesters of non-stop schooling). This past December 22nd, 2009 I turned in my last assignments and my paperwork for my degree application. If everything goes right (and that is a big if, considering UAT has screwed people over before), I will have finally graduate with a Bachelor in Computer Science: Software Engineering, or something along those lines. It took me nine semesters, over a three year period to complete my degree.

Only recently has it begun to sink in that finally I am considered to have the knowledge and the know-how to be responsible enough to WORK somewhere. Society believes that people that own a simple little piece of paper that says I have a degree means I can be a meaningful part of society. Little did they know they were wrong, but let them dream! ;-).

Yes, this also means that this time I am looking for a full-time work position. In the past year I have found that Phoenix is not exactly the greatest city for finding work in the software engineering field, however I will keep looking.

There is one thing going for me, a major company located in California contacted me, and asked me if I would like to work for them. I eagerly answered yes, and I am now going through their very rigorous and stringent interview process. To me it is an interesting challenge and so far I am actually enjoying it.

A new chapter has started in my life, and it was started in full with the change from 2009 to 2010. Kind of fitting that my life takes a major new turn, with new roads and new obstacles after society as a whole celebrates having lived yet another 365 days through four different seasons (there where seasons exist, Phoenix does not count).