Bert JW Regeer (畢傑龍)

From the creators of SPIN comes Ink

Two or more years ago in a post named "SPIN -- Awesome" posted a YouTube video which was absolutely fantastic, it was a short named SPIN. I have started reading Reddit lately, and came across a post by the creators of said short: Kiowa Winans which have created another awesome movie that is getting a lot of rants and raves: Ink.

In the Reddit post they tell people how many times it has been downloaded and also ask for donations to help their studio thrive, as well as getting the word out to many more people. The movie is now available on NetFlix as well at NetFlix Ink page. It is available for a watch now, AND a small kickback will be given to the DoubleEdgeFilms studio to keep making great movies.

I have yet to watch the movie Ink myself, I will post an update later today or tomorrow when I get a chance to sit down and watch it!