Bert JW Regeer (畢傑龍)

Weekends, how they disappear

The last two weekends I have not been at home. Last weekend I went with my room mate about two hours north of Vegas. We went to help his mother with her computer which she uses for her work. She does spy photography of test cars and prototypes. Really interesting work which takes her all over secret locations throughout the entire world.

Luckily my room mate drove the entire way since it too was a long drive, 8 hours to be exact. We stopped in vegas and I rembered how much the city sucks. It is entirely fake, it is all set up.

Small town in Nevada was a different experience, no big stores, two gas stations and two or thee bars for a total of 1002 inhabitants. No entertainment what so ever, it was extremely refreshing, and I really liked the feeling of really not being able to have any worries.

The drive back we took a longer road, more curvy and a lot more fun, with absolutely beautiful scenery. I don't know what it is about the desert, but the different colours are really amazing.

I come home, work 20 hours in three days, because it so happens Friday the office I work at is closed because the 4th of July is on a Saturday this year, and I missed Monday as a day for work. Thursday night I crawl behind the wheel of a uHaul truck with a car trailer attached to it.

There has been some interesting times this entire trip, I have some new experience of how exhausting it actually is to drive a uHaul truck all the way from Phoenix to Sunnyvale in California. We left at about 2300 on Thursday and arrived at around 1900 Friday. We stopped a few times along the way, to get some nap time in. I had been up for longer than 24 hours at that point and I could not keepy eyes open and on the road.

Everything got here safely, which was the main concern, considering the truck was towing my friends brand new car. She would have killed me if anything had happened to her car, so it is probably for the best. Nothing in the truck broke either, which means I completed my mission successfully.

California drivers are really fucking insane. I have never sworn at drivers that much as on this trip over here. No respect for other drivers in any way shape or form. Nuff' said.

I sometime wish that the roads in the united states was more like they are in Europe. There the drivers know that slow traffic stays in the right, and you move to the left to pass, yes this also works on highways with 6 lanes. It would be safer and make it a lot less mentally demanding to keep track of everyone that comes barreling at you at high speed, or cuts you off.

The drivers all over the united states need to be educated on what proper driving is, how to drive safely and not cause accidents by following some simple basic rules.

I'm currently on the train from San Francisco to Sunnyvale, we had a great dinner at a really awesome Chinese restaurant, and then we watched the end of the 4th of July fireworks. The drive back is still looming, but hopefully everything goes according to plan!


The drive back went well, it took a lot longer than I had hoped or expected, and I really wish it was shorter. Back in Phoenix safe and sound though!