Bert JW Regeer (畢傑龍)

A pole to rest on

Sweet windmill eh?

I arrived in Rotterdam a few days ago, and have not had the chance to blog about it yet. Look at me looking smug, enjoying the breeze outside. Pretty cool windmill eh? Yeah I thought so as well.

Erasmus bridge Rotterdam

Take a look at that. It was cold, but it was a great way to get out and get some fresh air, did I mention fresh air smells so good! Yeah, that is the Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam. I also went and visited the place where passengers used to buy tickets to go on big cruise liners to go to America. The Holland Amerika Lijn.

Holland Amerika Lijn

The wind was so bad I needed to rest against something to make sure I would not fly off. It was cool to see some history.

Holland Amerika Lijn

So, there you have it. My adventures. I would have taken pictures of me celebrating New Years with fireworks, but unfortunately fireworks were nowhere to be seen. There was some very thick fog in the city of Hengelo, which reduced visibility to about 7 feet. Meaning I could hear fireworks, but unfortunately not see.