Bert JW Regeer (畢傑龍)

An engineers technical notebook (a.k.a new blog)

If you are still reading this blog (all 5 of you out there according to Google Webmaster1), then you may have noticed that most of the content has been technical in nature, at least, that is what most of it has been lately. The idea is to save notes about setups I have done so that I can refer back to them at a later time, for a long time I've been wanting to do that on a domain called, but I just never really like the name for just a blog, I have other ideas for it.

Recently I was going through domain registration again and I was looking at a list of domains that I wanted, but couldn't get because at the time I looked they were already taken. I got lucky, I finally got and immediately purchased the two.

So without further ado, I introduce my new technical notebook named funcptr which is where I will be writing longer length, well thought out (hopefully) articles. The whole idea is for me to start writing down the solutions to technical problems I have encountered in both software engineering as well as system administration and various other technical tasks. It won't be strictly limited to software but will also include hardware projects, and electronics.

I hope you go over and take a look. I am slowly but surely migrating technical content from this blog to funcptr such as my NAT with pf on an interface with multiple IP addresses article that describes a problem I ran into with PF automatically enabling round-robin causing issues because the secondary IP address was not on the same network as the default gateway and thus NAT didn't function as you'd expect. I am setting up 301 redirects so if you have linked to a post here before, don't worry, it will transparently send you to the correct location!

Let me know if you have any suggestions, you can find my contact information on my portfolio site: contact Bert.

  1. I think Google Webmaster shows me the amount of people that have my RSS feed added to Google Reader... not entirely sure how else they are getting that statistic.