Bert JW Regeer (畢傑龍)

Namespace resolution in PHP has changed from :: to \

That is not a typo. The new way that PHP wants you to use namespaces is as follows:


Yeah, that is retarded, but it seems that it was decided over a length IRC discussion with a followup email to PHP internals.

There is already people blogging in protest of this change, which seems utterly backwards. \ is generally used to denote that the character following it has to be escaped, and as it stands and newcomers already have enough trouble as it is understanding the different escape sequences.

:: as the namespace resolution is engrained in my brain, mostly from C++, and \ would not work at all.

There is a wiki page for the "RFC" at This is going to slowly cause the death and decline of PHP.

In other news I am now looking for a new web programming language that is much like PHP, is able to do FastCGI, and have the FastCGI backend execute files the server hands it, without having something like the long-term running python processes where it is for one single app only.