Bert JW Regeer (畢傑龍)

Seeing off good friends

Yesterday morning (Saturday) I woke up early in the morning to drive to a friend who would be leaving to go to Baltimore, he is starting his work at the NSA on the 9th of June.

It was hard, to say good-bye. He had just graduated from UAT, and it will be different without him around every so often, his smile, his jokes, everything. He was there the first semester I came to UAT. At one point I got food poisoning, and not knowing who to call, I called him. He was there in the hospital with me, while I was hallucinating. For the whole time that I was on the IV.

He is an absolutely awesome guy, and I will miss him. There are so many good memories. DefCon, and his math skills, ToorCon and his leadership, student government, Maker Faire and other conferences.

It was his time to move on to bigger and better things, and I am really happy for him, his new job and the new life he is starting. I am also really happy for his girlfriend, who is moving with him. But I will miss them both something fierce. They were both really good friends of mine.

I understand that people need to move on, and that people have new things in life to attend, but the feeling that I am losing someone I am really close to hurts. The happiness I feel for them is greater than the sadness of them leaving.

My good friend may you have a pleasant journey ahead, to enjoy the new life you will be building and enjoy working at the NSA. I am sad to see you go, and will miss you very much!