Bert JW Regeer (畢傑龍) -- A nightmare story

As most of you know, I gained control of and from Casey when he decided it was not in his best interest to keep going with the site. I know many of you have been pissed off about the fact that the site has been down, however now that the domains are safe at GoDaddy I am not afraid to speak out about what had happened, and why our beloved site is not back up and running.

Just as I had all my domains at RegisterFly, as did Casey. I had slowly started moving my domains away from them for the reason that their website was always slow, and their customer support sucked balls. However Casey stuck with RegisterFly, and why should he not, they at the time provided a service, and that is all he needed. After he handed the domain over to me by pushing the domains into my account, I have had nothing but trouble. I was unable to change the registrant address on the domain to be ICANN compliant, and I was unable to unlock the domain.

The trouble started on January 8th when I noticed the domain was up for renewal in just a few weeks time, I paid GoDaddy to transfer the domains to them, and started setting everything up on the RegisterFly site, that is when I walked into the unlock of domain problem. It took them all of 25 days to unlock my domain, which at the time was around the 2nd or 3rd of February. After that was completed they did not answer my support ticket about the EPP code I required so that I could transfer my domain, on February 12th they made a change to their website, and now the EPP code was listed underneath the registrant info, on the page where you could modify that information. However, the code was invalid, and yet another support ticket was opened. On February 13th I got the new EPP code, and put in the transfer with GoDaddy.

Now, when a transfer is about to happen, they have to provide a link to a page where you can either deny or confirm the transfer, however this webpage that they provided was broken in one big way, if no support personal was at a desk, it would refuse to let the transfer happen automatically, so I had to wait 5 days for the auto "Hey if you don't contact us we will let it be moved" thing to work, after which now the domain is back under my control at GoDaddy.

I am happy to see that there is a community based around the way RegisterFly is stealing from customers, and trying to figure out why the company is slowly destroying itself. I hereby will remove any future recommendations to them, as well as nullifying any old statements about them.

One site that is actively trying to let RegisterFly hear people's complaints is As a funny side note, they are an SSL certification seller, however their logged in section of the website is using an old certificate that expired 3 days ago. That just makes it look even more as a shady company than it currently is. should be up and running shortly, definitely will need the community to help me out and to get it back up and running as it was before. I apologise for not coming out and saying something sooner, however RegisterFly has been known to lose customers domains randomly, just do a Google on RegisterFly to hear the horror stories.

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